8 December 2015 Anne Fulwood in conversation with Pureprofile CEO, Paul Chan

In the business of being an entrepreneur, everyone has a story worth listening to.
Ideas into action, facing your fears, will they buy what you want to sell?  It’s all part of the language of entrepreneurship, and this week we had the pleasure of hearing Paul Chan’s story at a Swaab Q&A Masterclass hosted by our own Anne Fulwood, held at FinTech Start-Up Hub, Stone & Chalk.
Paul Chan is the founder of PureProfile – a new era direct marketing business which pays consumers to participate in surveys.  Results of surveys can be sold or ‘white-labelled’ by any firm to gain insights and profiles of their customers.  However, the consumer, or account holder has the power as they are the database of people whom PureProfile can survey.  PureProfile account holders have complete control, and the site matches users’ interests with surveys, so businesses can make better decisions and reach their target market.
Paul is a serial entrepreneur, ever since he won a Year 5 spelling bee by correctly spelling that very word, entrepreneur.  He got his property licence before he finished high school, attained his degree in Land Economics, set up a real estate business, and says being an entrepreneur was always in his blood.
Launched in December 2001, PureProfile was listed on the ASX in 2015.  Based in Sydney, Paul Chan has offices in NYC, San Fransisco, London, Mumbai, Poland and Greece and world domination is no doubt a goal!
Upon Anne's request, Paul provided his 'Top 5 Tips' to start-ups and business owners with ambition:

  1. Have the courage to think big
  2. Delegate don’t abdicate
  3. You need to get things to 60% (49% not good enough/ 100% is unachievable)
  4. Fail fast, fail often (although he agrees with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos that being wrong shouldn’t trump being right)
  5. Be brave and go all in.

And finally, inspired by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Paul’s parting advice to entrepreneurs keen to launch a business are pure Bezos:

“Start with a press release!”

Click here to see photographs from the event.

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